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MultiSys continues expansion, hires more local IT talents

MANILA, Philippines—In response to the growing need for IT services and increasing digital shift brought upon by the new normal, technology company Multisys Technologies Corporation expands its pool of talents and workforce—opening its door to hundreds of new employees since March to strengthen its capacity.

Considered as the country’s most important and leading systems developer and integrator, MultiSys has already attracted some of the brightest talents in the information technology sector before the pandemic. But the new requirements for digitalization projects across industries drove MultiSys to hire more developers—marking an increase of over 50 percent. According to MultiSys CEO and Founder David Almirol, Jr., the company is looking to hire more IT talents in the coming months.

“Businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporates, are embarking on digital transformation journeys especially given the new normal. We are seeing a dramatic demand for our system solutions, mobile app developments and integration services, and we need more developers to work on the influx of projects,” Almirol shares.

Almirol expects that other companies in the IT industry are also experiencing a surge in new work as more companies look to build a meaningful online presence through websites and various digital platforms. Industries such as education and healthcare, which weren’t as aggressive with digital transformation before, are now among the leading sectors that have to promptly adapt to the new normal.

Almirol added that while the IT business has expanded, this doesn’t necessarily translate to more profit. “It doesn’t feel right to put a hefty price on the new projects that we are working on. We just really want to help out in any way we can. We’re doing our best to lend our strength so that more companies can have their own digital play that will allow them to continue to operate and work in the new normal,” Almirol said. “The success of our partners is our success too.”

Together with the hiring of new talent, MultiSys also equips its team with the knowledge and skills to fully respond to each of their partners’ needs. The company has a structured in-house advanced systems research and development, and other extensive training programs to keep its team updated on the latest IT developments and convert them to world-class elite IT professionals.

Almirol believes that the growing demand for IT services is not just a trend that’s riding on the current situation. “Now that companies have seen how adopting future-proof technologies can improve and expand the reach of their products and services, various sectors will continue to lean on software developers and technology companies like MultiSys. Going online and going digital have far-reaching benefits that will be sustainable post-pandemic,” Almirol said.

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