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MultiSys expands its cloud security services with Radius Cloud Express

Manila, Philippines—The COVID-19 health crisis has prompted businesses to start their cloud migration and adoption strategies in order to manage and mitigate operational disruptions. Utilizing the cloud technology would greatly improve agility and mobility, as well as increase efficiency and reduce costs as accessing network resources, such as applications, databases, servers, and storage can be done anytime, anywhere, even at home just by using the internet.


To prepare for the advent of the “new normal”, Multisys Technologies Corporation recently partnered with Radius Telecoms Inc., a subsidiary of MERALCO, to expand its cybersecurity products and boost its cloud service security.


Under the technology partnership, MultiSys can offer the cloud tunneling service of Radius Cloud Express (RCE) in collaboration with NetFoundry, that will enable its clients’ off-site employees to securely access sensitive data and applications, and safely perform high-security transactions.


RCE is a digital tool designed to keep data and information safe when accessing network resources installed in local data centers or hosted in the cloud. The solution provides a secured connection between the user and the targeted network application, the cloud, or a server resource. Apart from being an added layer of security, RCE also optimizes the subscribed bandwidth. 


“Cloud security is crucial for both business and personal users. Not only do businesses and organizations have the legal obligation to keep their stakeholders’ data secured, but they also have the responsibility to make everyone feel assured that their information or whatever they are navigating through is safe.  This is why we value RCE’s features and capabilities, which will greatly help businesses through this ‘new normal,” said MultiSys CEO and founder David Almirol, Jr. 


For their part, Radius Telecoms President and CEO Quiel Delgado, said, “We are excited to be part of the MultiSys cloud initiative and we are more than happy to provide the much-needed protection and optimization of their cloud assets through our latest innovative solution—Radius Cloud Express.”


NetFoundry’s Managing Director for APAC Dipesh Ranjan also shared that with this partnership, MultiSys will be able to boost the performance of its application services with an enhanced “zero trust security model”—a technical principle of maintaining strict access controls and zero trust to anyone, even within the same organization, by default. This is an important security measure that will secure enterprises and the public sector as they accelerate their digital transformation journey. 


NetFoundry’s Country Director for Philippines Anchit Mendoza added that Radius will now be in a stronger position in the ICT space, given that cloud and security adoption are key to the success of every enterprise.