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MultiSys is among Asia’s Leading SMEs—International award-giving body ACES Awards

MANILA, Philippines— For its leadership and accomplishments in the Information Technology sector, Multisys Technologies Corporation was recognized as among Asia’s Leading SMEs at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2020.


ACES Awards is one of the biggest and most sought after accolades in Asia, which aims to identify successful visionaries and to enable as many people as possible to learn from its awardees’ success. The “Asia’s Leading SMEs” category recognizes outstanding small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Asia with a focus on growth and resilience. The winning SMEs have a sustainable business model, strong customer base, innovative product offering, growing revenue and profits, and the flexibility to respond to rapid changes in the industry and customer demand.


Out of 420 nominees who joined this year’s ACES awards, MultiSys was chosen as a winner in the “Asia’s Leading SMEs” category, for its outstanding performance and achievements as a leading technology provider. MultiSys is considered as the Philippines’ most important software solutions company that provides a wide range of cost-effective, full-scale software services, system platforms and integrations that are being used by now more than 2,500 companies and organizations.


MultiSys CEO and founder David Almirol, Jr. said, “Winning the globally-recognized ACES Awards validates Filipino technology advancements, resilience and world-class reputation. It is a signal that our homegrown technology can expand in the global market. It would give us more influence that would help us in the pursuit of bringing the Filipino technology internationally and uplifting the levels of skills and competitiveness in the local IT community.”


Behind MultiSys are almost 500-strong full time workforce who are well-taken care of and invested in. At the headquarters in MultiSys Smart Community, employees get free meals, as well as board and lodging so they can avoid the long commute. Sports facilities, backyards and gardens where they can grow their own produce, and recreation centers are at their disposal, and employee activities are organized to boost morale and strengthen team spirit.


Almirol added, “This award is a well-deserved recognition of our employees for all their hard-work, dedication, talent and skills. It will also inspire the others, from local technology startups to IT specialists, knowing they can thrive and grow without having to leave their homeland.”