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UAAP Season 81 MVP aims to provide a Bright-er future for kids

Bright Akhueti from UP Men’s Basketball team and UAAP Season 81 MVP starts the year right by giving back to the kids in his hometown in Nigeria. The big man wowed everyone by helping power the team to their best-ever finish in more than 3 decades. But to young struggling kids, he is also a generous benefactor who readily shares his time, talent, and basketball gear.

Believing in sharing his blessings with others, the big man is starting the year right by sharing his much-needed sports gear with young, struggling players in his native Nigeria.

Despite the no nonsense demeanor that he shows on court and the goofy persona that people see off court, few realize that Bright has a big heart. Even before he moved to the Philippines to pursue his dreams to study, Bright has personally witnessed the struggles of these young athletes.

This is why Bright has chosen to gift most of the gear he has from adidas, a brand who has believed in him since 2017, to a group of young guys in The Lord Knows Basketball Academy. “I’m just giving back to these kids struggling to get gears to play the game they love without much support. What I do is, I collect basketball shoes, gears– used or new– to help my community the best way I can,” he explained.

Although he is now enjoying life as a student at the UP College of Human Kinetics, where he has even landed in the roster of top-performing students, Bright has not forgotten his days as an aspiring basketball player. “I also went through the same thing playing basketball back in Nigeria so I know how it is for these young kids right now, trying to make a way, better life without the support and supplies to help achieve that dream. I moved to basketball from football and a lot of people helped me out with gear, that’s why I’m focused on giving back,” he said.

It was through the help of other people that he was able to achieve his dream, and he would like to give back to perpetuate the cycle of giving by enlisting help from fellow student athletes. “I got stuff last year from Diego, Kyles, Jarrel, and my other teammates are going to join me again this year,” he shared.

At adidas, we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives— just like Bright, whose journey as an athlete from Nigeria to the Philippines, has helped change lives with his small acts of generosity to his home community. Being among those who have stood by him right from the start, adidas is very proud of the goodwill Bright is doing as he exemplifies the true meaning of being an MVP.