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adidas begins the next chapter of its collaboration with Jappy Agoncillo through the launch of the D.O.N. Issue #3 “Origin Story”

adidas begins the next chapter of its collaboration with Jappy Agoncillo through the launch of the D.O.N. Issue #3 “Origin Story”

A continuation of the brand’s commitment to support Filipino creativity, the D.O.N. Issue #3 “Origin Story” has been released in Philippines and Southeast Asia adidas stores on June 12

MANILA, PHILIPPINES  — Following the successful release of the adidas City Shop “Manila Hoops” tee collection in collaboration with Filipino muralist and illustrator Jappy Agoncillo, adidas Philippines proudly unveils the next chapter of its hyperlocal collaboration with this featured artist through the launch of the D.O.N Issue #3 “Origin Story. A special edition release of NBA Star Donovan Mitchell’s signature basketball shoe, the Filipino-designed colorway has been released on June 12.

Inspired by Filipinos’ vibrant street style, Jappy’s love for superhero comic books, and the heroic origin story of 3-time NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell, the Filipino-designed colorway features unique elements that pay tribute to both Donovan and Jappy’s roots:

  • A nod to Donovan’s humble beginning, the heel tab features a wing tip icon that represents his college team, the Louisville Carnivals.
  • An ode to the significance of tigers to Jappy and Donovan— with it being Jappy’s signature mark and Donovan’s middle school team, the Greenwich Country Day School Tigers— tiger stripes can be seen making an appearance in the heel of the shoe as well. 
  • Inspired by some of the greatest Jazz icons of all time, the “Origin Story’s” sock liners feature illustrations of Charlie Parker and Louis Armstrong to pay homage to Donovan’s current team, the Utah Jazz.
  • Heavily influenced by Jappy’s love for comic books as well as an ode to the previous D.O.N. issues, the shoe’s upper also features a halftone pattern similar to those seen in classic superhero comic books. 
  • Being true to its name, “Origin Story,” the outsoles of the shoe features a map of Elmsford, New York, Donovan’s home state on the right shoe, and a map of Manila on the left. 
  • On the straps across the shoe’s laces is Donovan’s “Determination Over Negativity” mantra facing the wearer— a deliberate design choice by Jappy to serve as the wearer’s motivator.

“The concept of the design is about honoring the past and looking towards the future. Taking inspiration from how D.O.N. was named after Donovan Mitchell’s ‘Determination Over Negativity’ mantra, the design pays homage not only to the history of wins and losses of Donovan, but also the endless possibilities that the future has in store with continuous hard work and determination,” said
Jappy Agoncillo.

“We at adidas Philippines know and value the importance of being true to one’s roots. Furthermore, the brand truly wants to stay consistent; to inspire and empower local talent.  Like our past Filipino-inspired projects and through collaborations such as this, we are proud to give local artists like Jappy Agoncillo the platform to represent and illustrate the true essence of being Filipino beyond what the world already knows about us,” added adidas Philippines Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager JD Cortez.

The collaboration with Jappy is a continuation of adidas Philippines’ commitment to supporting Filipino Creators through hyperlocal releases. The D.O.N. Issue #3 “Origin Story” is the fourth Filipino-designed adidas footwear— following the releases of Harden Vol. 5 “Manila Heritage” and Quiccs Forum by toy designer Juanito “Quiccs” Maiquez and the Ultraboost DNA City Pack by Gregg “Egg Fiasco” Guleserian.

Be proud of your roots and wear it with pride with the new D.O.N. Issue #3 “Origin Story”. Retailing for PHP 5,800, the shoe was released in adidas stores across the Philippines and Southeast Asia on June 12.

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