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AG&P Sets Sail of Seven Modules from its Batangas, Philippines Facility to Sriracha Refinery in Thailand

Photo above: Sail-away onward to Sriracha, Thailand from AG&P Manila’s manufacturing facility in Batangas 

MANILA, Philippines/ February 24, 2022: Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc.’s  Engineering & Construction Group, a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation  and Commissioning (EPCIC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) specialist, exported 7 more  modules in addition to the 19 modules delivered prior, from its 100-hectare facility in Batangas,  Philippines, for Thailand’s Sriracha Refinery under its Thai Oil Clean Fuel Project. 

The Thai Oil Clean Fuel Project awarded to AG&P is for the expansion and upgrade of the  Sriracha Refinery in Thailand. This is the fourth of the seven shipments and part of a 35-module  fabrication, assembly, pre-commissioning, and sail-away scope. Upon completion of this project,  Sriracha’s refining capacity for high-value fuel products will increase from 275,000 to 400,000  barrels per day, while ensuring compliance to the new global fuel quality and emission standards. 

Alex Gamboa, Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development, Engineering &  Construction, AG&P Manila, congratulated the “terrific and hardworking” AG&P Thai Oil Clean  Fuel Project Team. “Our team has completed all seven modules for Shipment 4, well-ahead of  the contractual Ready for Load-out (RFLO) date, with world-class safety and quality standards.  Indeed, this is a true testament to AG&P’s high-performing culture”, Gamboa said. 

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