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BGC Arts Center Festival celebrates the Champions of Passion

MANILA, Philippines – November 2017 – Immerse yourself in a visual and cultural experience at the upcoming BGC Arts Center Festival, a three-day event that features the works of various artists in the performing and visual arts on November 24-26. This month’s theme is entitled Champions of Passion: Soulful Feats of Art”.

The Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) has always been passionate about using art, through the BGC Arts Center and the ArtBGC program, to highlight the crucial role of artistic endeavors in elevating our lives. It will also be held alongside the yearly Passionfest celebration along Bonifacio High Street.

For the November festival, we offer you two connected “Passion Eyepieces” to experience artists as champions of passion: the performing arts and the new visual experiences in the new murals around BGC.

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Murals Fueled by Passion
The first Passion Eyepiece zooms in on a new set of eye-catching murals that have completely redefined the façade of nine building surfaces in BGC, injecting a creative flair and dynamic vibe within the community. These murals depicting various themes were done by individual artists and artist groups – most of them, PINTO artists, and one mural was a collaboration of foreign and local talent. All murals clearly served as icons of passion.

The new murals’ varied themes capture this passion: for journeys bound for home, for special meeting places, for technology, for dreams, and for other people who help us in everyday life.

Artist Solana Perez captures playful transport dreams with horses, circles and spirals in the mural The Way Home.
Helping one another is captured in the mural entitled “Kapit Kamay” by Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective.

“Dating Tagpuan” by artist John Paul Antido conveys old meeting places. With two joining walls serving as a canvas, the artwork is placed in the junction of the space to create the impression of the characters meeting each other.

“Tree House” by artists Jerson Samson & Janica Rina allow people to detach themselves from the concrete congested environment.
Technology inspired artist group Palimpsest whose mural “For the People: Gates of Paradiseexpresses the movement of civilization toward the uncertain future.

To further add to this lineup of inspiring works, one mural was a collaboration made by artists from South Korea and ASEAN countries. This was initiated by the Korean Cultural Center as they partnered with the National Commission for Culture and Arts, and the Bonifacio Art Foundation, to visualize a “merging” that represents the friendship across borders.

The 8 building surfaces by 6 local artists were made possible by a grant from the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation who consistently supports the creative slant of BGC’s soul.

Special thanks are also given to Davies, Locally, Daiichi Properties, Bonifacio Transport Corporation and Bonifacio Gas Corporation for their support in the making of the murals.

The Performing Arts Take the Stage
To complement the murals, another Passion Eyepiece to be held at the BGC Arts Center features performing arts to show audiences passion embodied in human movement and sounds. Watch two separate performances by STEPS Dance Studio: one animated by young choreographers and the other, to the timeless music of STING, entitled “I Got Stung”. To play the music that scales the highs and lows of our lives, we have “Lupa ng Araw”, a concert by the Silangan Chamber Guitar Ensemble and an outdoor serenade of Christmas Carols by the Ateneo Chamber Singers.

Various plays and musicals will be held on topics such as life and love. Watch how whimsical mischief yields real-life lessons in “The Glitter Trap” by Upstart Productions; 2013 Pulitzer-prize winning drama on how politics shapes personal identity in “Disgraced” by Twin Bill Theater; or how passion for a traditional delicacy deals with the imperative of change in “Maria, Ang Binibini ng Bibingka” by Make Believe Productions. Discover “after-life” perplexities revealed in ‘Waiting Area” by Antrosininglaya Theatre Company; “Tao Po”, a monologue on the affirmation of humanity by Juana Change; and refreshing experimental theatre with “Two is Bitter Than One” by Ampalaya Monologues X Una Productions.
Immerse yourself in love’s twists and turns in “BisRock: Gugmang Giatay” by Cebu-based 2 Tin Cans Philippines; the many faces and masks of love in “Ricky Lee’s Para Kay B” by Tabsing Kolektib; and an original musical “My Suite Princess” by community theatre group BGC Passion Collective.

Children and their families can also look forward to a range of activities that will help them develop their appreciation for the arts. The list includes participative storytelling and art workshops by My Masterpiece Movement in 2 sets: Artful Retellings of Timeless Tales – “#MMPowerWithin”, a Wizard of Oz-inspired sand-art performance; and “#CuriouserAndCuriouser”, an Alice-in-Wonderland inspired shadow play performance.

Get entertained with an improv performance by SPIT Manila entitled “Pasyon//Passion”, and learn through an improv workshop by Third World Improv entitled “Never Say ‘Pass Yon’”. Hone your art skills and unleash your inner artist through live art workshops offered by Pens N Brushes Philippines, a watercolor workshop by Alessa Lanot, and a paper-cutting workshop by Mary Joy Roxas. Lastly, do not miss Toym Imao’s art installation DESAPARECIDOS (The Disappeared), 43 figures which represent those left behind by victims of forced disappearance during Martial Law.

If your search for art finds to inspire the artist in you, head over to the BGC Art Mart which showcases local art works from over 60 homegrown artists.

The BGC Arts Center Festival gives special thanks to NutriAsia and Sun Life Foundation for making this possible.

The Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc (BAFI) is passionate about elevating and enriching the life of the community not just in BGC but as a vital contributor to larger culture-making. We do it with the help of the community of passionate thinkers and doers like you. Experience the BGC Arts Center Festival this November and let us all be champions of passions.

For more info and photos, you may refer to the files in this LINK.

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