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Case Study: Enhancing Digital Engagement for Converge ICT Solutions Inc.


Converge ICT Solutions Inc., an internet and digital services provider in the Philippines, embarked on a transformative journey in 2021 to amplify its digital presence and engagement. For six months, Converge collaborated with Greenbulb to revamp its social media strategy, aiming to connect more effectively with its customer base across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our Role

Greenbulb was pivotal in Converge’s digital evolution by assuming responsibility for content creation and scheduling across various social media channels. Recognizing the importance of data-driven decision-making, the agency diligently crafted monthly reports to assess the efficacy of the devised strategies. Moreover, Greenbulb curated informative and self-help posts tailored to address Converge’s diverse clientele’s immediate concerns and queries.


The concerted efforts of Converge and Greenbulb yielded positive outcomes, marked by significant improvements in digital engagement metrics.

Increased Engagement: The average engagement rate on Facebook surged to an impressive 4.6%, indicative of heightened interaction and interest among the audience.

Strong Social Media Presence: The total interactions of 735k across Twitter and Facebook suggest that the agency’s efforts helped Converge establish a strong social media presence and foster a community around the brand.

Converge’s collaboration with Greenbulb demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed social media strategy. By creating engaging content, managing social media accounts effectively, and monitoring results, Greenbulb increased brand awareness and customer engagement for Converge ICT Solutions Inc. It succeeded in fostering meaningful engagements and interactions on social media platforms.

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