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Case Study: Samsung’s Galaxy Note7


On September 3, 2016, reports surfaced about Galaxy Note7 units exploding, sparking a global crisis for Samsung. The company swiftly recalled 5 million units, with 2.5 million already sold and the remaining 2.5 million in retail stores. In just three weeks, Samsung manufactured an additional 2.5 million Galaxy Note7 devices to replace every sold phone. Unfortunately, a second batch revealed an undetected issue, prompting another global recall. This crisis led to a ban on Galaxy Note7 units aboard airlines and a series of lawsuits.

Our Role

Greenbulb assumed a critical role in managing this crisis, crafting a public relations (PR) strategy aimed at apologizing, guiding consumers, and assuring corrective actions. The goal was to humanize the brand, regain customer trust, and rebuild the tarnished reputation.


Greenbulb’s PR and crisis management strategic approach helped Samsung recover swiftly and contributed to remarkable results.

Local media collaborated in disseminating advisories to assist consumers in replacing their Note7 units. In less than three months, Samsung achieved an impressive 96% recall and replacement rate. Globally, the brand experienced a 9% increase in value a year after the incident. The public’s positive response to the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the first major phone launch post-Note7, reflected Samsung’s successful bounce both locally and internationally.

The case illustrates the resilience of brands and the important role Greenbulb plays in rebuilding trust and reputation following a crisis.

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