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Case Study: Elevating Social Media Engagement for Schneider Electric Philippines


Schneider Electric Philippines operates within the B2B market, offering sustainable product solutions to both homeowners and businesses. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company sought to strengthen its online presence and engage its audience effectively through social media platforms.

Our Role

Greenbulb Communications was tasked with revitalizing Schneider Electric Philippines’ social media strategy. The team took charge of monthly social media content conceptualization, setup, monitoring, and management. Recognizing the importance of visual appeal and compelling copy, the team focused on enhancing both aspects to align with the brand’s principles and resonate with the target audience.


The collaboration between Schneider Electric Philippines and the agency yielded promising results, notably reflected in key performance indicators.

  • Average Engagement Rate on Facebook: The average engagement rate on Facebook surged to an impressive 2.85%. This metric serves as a testament to the efficacy of the revamped social media strategy in capturing the attention and interest of the audience. Through strategic content curation and engaging storytelling, the brand successfully fostered meaningful interactions with its followers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.
  • Increase in Organic Followers: From January to July 2023, Schneider Electric Philippines witnessed a notable uptick of 5.8% in organic followers. This substantial growth in the brand’s social media following underscores the effectiveness of Greenbulb’s efforts to expand the reach and visibility of Schneider Electric Philippines. By delivering valuable and relevant content consistently, the brand succeeded in attracting and retaining a more extensive audience base organically.

The collaboration between Schneider Electric Philippines and Greenbulb Communications exemplifies the power of strategic social media management in driving brand engagement and growth. Through meticulous planning, creative execution, and continuous optimization, the brand succeeded in fostering meaningful connections with its audience and amplifying its online presence. This serves as a testament to the value of a robust social media strategy in enhancing brand visibility, fostering customer relationships, and driving business results.

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