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Chelsea Logistics looks to bigger economic footprint

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC) is gearing up for a bigger role in moving the economy, having expanded its fleet and unlocked more routes a year after it went public.

“Our strategic acquisitions have positioned CLC to harness the opportunities brought about by continued growth of commerce within and outside the archipelago,” CLC President and CEO Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy said.

“As soon as our newly acquired vessels could go full speed, we will be able to cater to even more businesses, passengers and consumers in more routes. This will subsequently boost and strengthen our capacity to invest more and realize bigger gains.”

The Company added one (1) medium ranger tanker, five (5) tugboats, six (6) cargo freight vessels, fifteen (15) roll-on/roll-off and passenger (RoPax) vessels, and one (1) floating dock to what was already the country’s biggest shipping fleet since its listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange on August 8, 2017.

Its fleet now comprises 16 tankers, 14 tugboats, 22 RoPax, 11 cargo vessels, and one (1) floating dock operated by Chelsea Shipping Corp., Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc., and Starlite Ferries, Inc. while 2GO Group operates eight (8) RoPax vessels, five (5) cargo vessels, and 11 fast crafts.

The expansion was marked by the delivery of medium-range tanker MT Chelsea Providence in April 2018. This tanker with a 29,877 gross registered tonnage brings CLC deeper into the oil hauling sector and farther in international waters.

CLC also expanded its reach in passenger shipping, plying more routes across the archipelago. Starlite Ferries, Inc., earlier this year, started serving the Allen, Northern Samar – Matnog, Sorsogon – Allen, Northern Samar route. Currently, Starlite Ferries, Inc. and Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. are in the process of securing regulatory permits to operate into additional routes.

In parallel, CLC boosted its capacity to serve Filipino businesses’ and consumers’ end-to-end of the supply chain with the acquisition of Worklink Services, Inc. in November 2017. The courier, forwarding, trucking and logistics service provider has since broken ground for a new warehouse in Taguig City.

To further make its services more reliable and efficient, CLC acquired a floating dock to be renamed Chelsea Exuberance in March 2018. This will ensure the Company’s 88-strong fleet remains in top shape and ready to meet bigger demands.

In the same month, the Company received go-signal from its board of directors and shareholders to engage in the business of development, management and operation of infrastructure facilities and systems.

“Our vision to become the finest shipping and logistics company known for its unrivalled customer service has guided our endeavors in the past year,” CLC Founder and Chairman Dennis A. Uy said.

“As we sail further, we remain focused on realizing our goals. We will continue growing our capacity and reach to realize more value for our investors, better serve our customers and contribute bigger to our economy.”



Chelsea Logistics Holding Corp. (CLC) is the fastest growing shipping and logistics company in the Philippines. Established on 26 August 2016, CLC was created to act as the holding company of the shipping and logistics arm business segments of the Udenna Group of Companies. On August 8, 2017, the Company went public and its shares of stock were initially listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). The Company is engaged in shipping and logistics businesses with key segments divided into: (i) Charter, (ii) Passage, (iii) Freight, (iv) Tugboat services, and (v) Logistics services.