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Customer satisfaction as Lazada’s foundation for operational excellence

MANILA, Philippines – Lazada shares how the company grew into the e-Commerce giant that it is now, as it marks its seventh year in operations.

Since the e-Commerce platform was launched in 2012, Lazada has revolutionized the way people shop, and has always been the leader in innovating ways to make online shopping more convenient, secure and fun. It has also transformed the landscape of retail and logistics, allowing brands, B2C sellers, thriving entrepreneurs, and third-party logistics to become more open to untapped opportunities.

Transformation for customer satisfaction

When Lazada first started operations in the Philippines, it understood that a greater majority of consumers were still unbanked or apprehensive to use credit cards for online purchases. What would have seemed to be a major problemturned into an opportunity for the company to be a pioneer in the industry. Lazada introduced the concept of cash on delivery (COD) and enabled those without cards to shop. Eventually, e-wallets and use of deposit accounts where introduced allowing more options to shop online.

True to being the industry leader, Lazada firmed up its logistics and operations ecosystem, which further enhanced and improved seller and customer experience. Lazada made sure that the entire parcel journey, from pickup, packing, and delivery to the customer was safe, secure and fast.

Beyond e-Commerce; e-Logistics

The company continued to improve its operations model to boost efficiency, part of which entailed investing to do more in-house activities.

“We have transformed from being just a marketplace to providing efficient logistics services to our sellers and customers. We have moved to a situation where Lazada is handling and managing the majority of our pickups for marketplace, and fulfilling last-mile delivery,” says Pavez.

By building a robust operations model and logistics ecosystem, Lazada has been able to introduce new services such as “Premium Service” delivery where shoppers in select locations are given the option to be able to receive their parcels the same day or the following day.

When Alibaba began investing in Lazada, this allowed the company to further scale its logistics most notably through the expansion of its warehouse and storage hubs. In 2018, Lazada started the operations of a warehouse in Davao, allowing the company to reach more consumers efficiently, while providing a gateway for sellers from Mindanao to offer their products to a wider market.

As the market is projected to constantly grow, Lazada is geared to lead the industry as it will continue to grow its capacity and capabilities and seek solutions to deliver customer satisfaction.

“If there’s anything that rising businesses may learn from our seven-year old story, it’s honestly basic—always have a customer-centric mindset. What will set you apart is going above and beyond as you do exactly that,” Pavez concludes.

Today, the e-Commerce giant continues to thrive and be top-of-mind among e-consumers in the Philippines and Southeast Asia due to its passion in constantly improving efficiencies. The constant reinvention of its technology shows that it marks customer convenience as a top priority.