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Eagle Cement extends support to Bulacan communities amid COVID-19 pandemic

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—In its mission to empower and serve local communities where it operates, Eagle Cement Corporation (EAGLE) has donated food packs to the residents of Bulacan amidst the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help and dedication of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, volunteers from the Company’s workforce and the local government of San Ildefonso, EAGLE has distributed thousands of food packs containing rice and canned goods to 20 barangays in San Ildefonso and Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT).

While supporting affected families during the ECQ, the Company follows strict measures such as social distancing and temperature screening to ensure safety of volunteers and cleanliness of products during the packing and distribution of relief goods. 

Apart from food packs, vitamins and other medicine were also distributed to residents who are most in need. Heeding to the needs of the communities, EAGLE has also allocated free water supply for residents who are currently experiencing water shortages.

“Our Company is committed to give assistance to families in our community who are affected by the ECQ, especially daily-wage earners, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities. Being able to help the communities where we operate and thrive has always been at the heart of Eagle Cement. Through this effort, we hope to help augment the food supply and slightly ease the current economic situation of the citizens in Bulacan,” said EAGLE President & CEO Paul Ang.

EAGLE’s manufacturing plant has been operating in San Ildefonso, Bulacan since 2010. Apart from its manufacturing operations that have provided employment opportunities for local residents, the Company continues to develop and serve its local communities through sustainable family and community programs that focus on providing support for nutrition, livelihood, infrastructure, growth and development, health and emergency responses, technology, and education.

The relief operations also included providing assistance to 60 families of the Dumagat tribe in a remote mountainous area of DRT, which EAGLE has been supporting since 2017 through its feeding programs and classroom donation.

Aside from food packs, EAGLE plans to extend its hand to more communities in the area by providing them with better access to essential hygiene products such as soaps and sanitizers.

Apart from its commitment to the local residents of Bulacan, EAGLE has vowed to protect the health and safety of its employees and clients during the ECQ through its business continuity plan. The Company earlier stated that it will allocate funds to support the needs of its workforce and the community, as well as extend help to its partners during this pandemic.

“This pandemic has impacted our country and the rest of the world in an unprecedented way. As a Filipino company, we have a duty to serve our fellow countrymen in this time of need. We will continue with our efforts to look out and care for our internal and external stakeholders, including employees, clients, and the communities where we serve. We would like to assure them that they can always rely on Eagle Cement’s support, especially during this troubled time,” said Ang.