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Endeavor Philippines celebrates four years of the Multiplier Effect

The entrepreneurship network is poised to continue fostering growth of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem


Endeavor Philippines Managing Director Manny Ayala discusses four years of the multiplier effect through Endeavor Philippines’ first Impact Report.


MANILA, Philippines— On the celebration of Endeavor’s fourth year of operations in the country,  the local chapter of the global entrepreneurship network shared how it has enabled the local start-up community to thrive, and how it intends to continue doing so in the years to come.


Four years of the Endeavor multiplier effect

Endeavor has been leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in the country since 2015. Since it was founded, 20 entrepreneurs from 16 companies across various industries have become part of the local network. Having received support from global and local business mentors, access to professional services, and growth capital, these companies have truly scaled.

After joining the Endeavor network, the entrepreneurs have created over 1,700 jobs, and have increased their annual revenues by P3.6 billion leading to over P6.3 billion in revenues generated as of 2017.

“Since we started in the Philippines in 2015, we have been steadfast in fulfilling our mission of creating an economic multiplier effect by accelerating the growth of high-impact entrepreneurs. We are also proud to have a diverse mix of companies in our network as we have a range of tech companies and those that follow traditional brick and mortar format. This is a testament to how even traditional businesses are able to prove their high-impact in today’s tech-driven society,” says Endeavor Philippines Managing Director Manny Ayala.


Paying it forward 

Endeavor has been successful in fostering the growth of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country as the network abides by a “pay it forward” philosophy.

“We recognize the importance of sharing our knowledge and resources with other local businesses to be able to aid in the growth of both the entrepreneurs and their businesses. Our members have been able to do this by mentoring, personally investing in companies, and connecting them to industry contacts in a bid to help them scale, and eventually, pay it forward as well.”

Endeavor Entrepreneurs themselves have invested in and mentored over 50 local companies, and have taken seats at several advisory boards of these businesses. At the same time, most of the Endeavor entrepreneurs have been sought after thought leaders in their respective industries being invited to speak in conferences locally and internationally.

Endeavor continues to welcome more high-impact entrepreneurs into the network in order to fulfill its mission of catalyzing economic growth. Endeavor entrepreneurs receive support from global and local business mentors from Fortune 500 consulting firms, access to world-class professional and customized services, and growth capital.

In the Philippines, Endeavor’s board members include Chairman Jaime Augusto M. Zobel de Ayala, Vice Chairman Jasen T. Ko, Cezar P. Consing, Anton T. Huang, Eugenio L. Lopez III, Roberto L. Panlilio, Edgar “Injap” Sia II, Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, and Julio Sy, Jr.


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Endeavor Philippines Mentor Jaime Zobel de Ayala welcomes the Endeavor network to an evening discussing the entrepreneurship network’s four years of the multiplier effect.