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FOODEE Global Concepts Opens Kam’s Roast Manila

MANILA, Philippines – June, 2018 –– Kam’s Roast has finally opened its first branch at the Mega Fashion Hall in May, making the Hong Kong institution much closer thus making it easier for Filipinos to get their famous roasts. In June, FOODEE Global Concepts celebrates its blessing and grand opening with impressive festivities and guests of honor, Hon. Loren B. Legarda, and Carol T. Sy of SM Supermalls.

Owing to the Filipinos’ love and curiosity for food, Manila is rapidly becoming a melting pot of world-renowned and Michelin-star restaurants. Thankfully, there are still companies who take the time to understand the palates of the country’s food enthusiasts.

Known to consistently offer exciting dining concepts to Filipinos, FOODEE Global Concepts brings another international favorite closer to local foodies by opening the first Kam’s Roast restaurant in the Manila.

Kam’s Roast is an internationally-acclaimed and Michelin-starred restaurant hailing from Hong Kong. Coming from the family behind Yung Kee Restaurant with a culinary heritage that spans 75 years, comes third generation Hardy Kam, who founded the four year in a row Kam’s Roast Goose from Hong Kong. Together with Robert Chua, a prominent TV and movie producer in Hong Kong with a proven track record in spotting successful food concepts, they are letting the whole world experience the distinct flavors of traditional recipes that have been passed on from one generation to the next. Hardy Kam and Robert Chua were both also present at the grand opening of Kam’s Roast.

Given the Kam Family’s culinary legacy, it’s no surprise that Kam’s Roast’s mission is to provide a memorable dining experience to every guest, which they achieve simply by serving up Michelin-acclaimed dishes that guests can indulge in, in a warm and friendly-oriented environment.

Chef Wong Kwan Sang, who is also in Manila for Kam’s Roast, has trained at an early age and has worked his way up to be a world renowned Roasting Chef. Together with Mr. Hardy Kam, he helped produce the best roast meats making it a must visit destination in Hong Kong.

Poised to be this country’s go-to roast place, the dining destination is best known for mouth-watering dishes such as Kam’s Roast Duck, Suckling Pig, and Barbecued Pork. Each recipe is made from the freshest premium ingredients, delicately prepared to bring out the flavors and textures the restaurant has become famous for.

Kam’s Roast joins other internationally-acclaimed and Michelin-starred food concepts introduced by FOODEE Global such as Tim Ho Wan, Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodle, FOO’D by David Oldani, Todd English Food Hall, POUND by Todd English, Hook by Todd English, MESA Filipino Moderne, Llaollao, Sunnies Café, Flatterie, and Bench Café.

“Our goal, quite literally, is to give Filipinos a taste of the most delectable flavors around the world that can be found around the world. We’re proud to add Kam’s Roast to our mix of  dining concepts; and look forward to giving Filipinos more options that will delight their discerning palates without needing to hop on a plane,” Eric Dee, COO of FOODEE Global Concepts.


About FOODEE Global Concepts

FOODEE Global Concepts is one of Manila’s largest multi-brand food groups, continuously dominating the culinary scene with over 30 years of experience under its belt.

The FOODEE Group started with homegrown brands for the Philippine market, then moved on to bring brands from all over the world to cater to its sophisticated clientele. These include other Michelin-starred restaurants Tim Ho Wan, FOO’D by Davide Oldani, and Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles, as well as Todd English Food Hall, Pound by Todd English, Hook by Todd English, MESA Filipino Moderne,Sunnies Café, Llaollao, Flatterie and Bench Cafe.