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Greenbulb Communications, D+GILITY join forces to offer 24/7 crisis mitigation solution

Manila, Philippines – Leading communications agency Greenbulb Communications and Dentsu Aegis Network’s Social Media Intelligence Center D+GILITY have partnered to launch a digital crisis and reputation management service that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The unique offering combines Greenbulb’s expertise in strategic and targeted message development and D+GILITY’s advanced data mining and analytics capabilities to answer a need faced by most brands that operate in the age of digital transformation: agile crisis mitigation and advocacy building.

The service will provide 24/7 support to swiftly address public queries and concerns, progressively monitor feedback, and act on sentiment-driven opportunities for reputation rebuilding.

“When we reached our 10th-year milestone in 2018, we rebranded to Greenbulb Communications to mirror how clients have evolved in engaging with their stakeholders via multi touchpoints, but public relations remains at the core of our being,” said Leah Z. Caringal, president and CEO of Greenbulb Communications. “Where D+GILITY provides data-driven and round-the-clock online communication support, we ensure the messages delivered are prudent and purposive.”

Caringal added that high digital consumption of Filipinos is boding well for brands and companies, allowing for more meaningful, two-way communication with consumers. “However a lot of businesses still grapple with social media when things go sideways. This is a pain point more widely shared by clients than they care to admit.”

Dentsu Aegis Network Head of Social and D+GILITY Head Jim Guzman notes that agility is what is usually most needed by clients in crisis. “While many offices are operational eight hours during the day, social media never stops.”

Since launching a little over a year ago, D+GILITY has grown to become the largest social media command center in the Philippines, catering to 100+ clients at any given time.

“Digital presence in the social world is not just about sales and marketing. More importantly, it’s about reputation management. If there’s anything we learned from our experience, it’s that someone will always have something undesirable to say about brands online,” said Guzman. ”What matters is how and when companies respond that defines how valuable their stakeholders’ perspectives are.”

Multi-awarded and sought-after ad executive and country CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network, Donald Lim, is confident that the partnership is the answer to what may be a universal problem, but if done by just anyone, could potentially mean disaster.

“More than the service itself, D+GILITY and Greenbulb Communications are stalwarts in their respective industries. D+GILITY caters to the whole Dentsu Aegis Network, composed of seven agencies – a feat in itself. Meanwhile, Greenbulb is one of the most in-demand communication firms in the country, with expertise in varied industries. Both agencies offer nimbleness and a wealth of experience, continuously evolving in anticipation of the ever-changing needs of clients and their stakeholders.”


For more information, call +632 638 6973 (Greenbulb) or +632 652 7800 (D+GILITY).