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MDI sustains 30-year legacy of digitizing and innovating more PH enterprises

MANILA, Philippines – MDI sustains its 30-year legacy with a renewed commitment in aiding their partners’ digital transformation journey, which ultimately results to optimal customer experience and enhanced quality of life of Filipino consumers.

“MDI began its legacy 30 years ago when we were providing solutions for computing, network, information security, infrastructure and services for our partners. We have quickly evolved to be a technology company that helps organizations in their digital transformation by seamlessly integrating their operations and brand aspirations through technology. Today, we are excited to aid more businesses in their quest to transform their ways of doing work through technology,” says Myla Villanueva, Chief Executive Officer of MDI.

Computing, network, information security, and infrastructure are all buzzwords among tech geeks and B2B executives passionate about innovation. In the grander scheme of things, however, these tech jargons are critical in allowing this generation’s society to enjoy on a daily basis an increased convenience, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiency brought about by digitalization. Without these behind-the-scenes technologies, social media, online payments, and e-commerce may not even exist.

To date, MDI continues to provide support to organizations from various sectors ranging from government, private, and civil institutions.

Seamless integration of brand aspiration and business operations

Recently, MDI received recognition from Unionbank of the Philippines for the successful digital transformation project which the technology company spearheaded—The Ark. MDI was able to incorporate technology and design thinking to build the first fully digital bank branch in the country. Completed in less than a year, MDI spearheaded the project from conceptualization to execution.

MDI’s creativity and fearlessness in taking risks are critical as MDI boosts local businesses in optimizing operations to be able to better satisfy customer needs. For instance, keeping in mind how to creatively and resourcefully provide frictionless transactions is a crucial part in aiding Unionbank in transforming to becoming a pioneer digital bank in the Philippines.

“Whenever we engage with partners, we always make it a priority to harmoniously integrate the physical assets, digital assets, and their brand aspirations to create powerful customer experiences. This philosophy and framework has allowed us to have a more holistic approach when it comes to providing transformation solutions for our partners,” says Peter Laud, Chief Customer Officer of MDI.

UnionBank’s transformation was not just about providing virtual transactions or online banking capabilities. The evolution to a digital bank meant restructuring beyond virtual — the physical aspect of the bank also encourages change in customer behavior to adopt as well with the innovations. This is translated through the interior and the floor plan itself as it conveys seamless capabilities brought about by digitalization. This explains The Ark’s big screen TVs and tablets installed all over the branch where customers may do their transactions.

MDI also has an extensive portfolio of partners which include telecommunications companies, financial institutions, manufacturing and BPO firms, and government agencies, including Globe, Manila Water Company, PNB, Smart and Petron, to name a few.

Wired to provide 

As a technology company, MDI is focused on providing services namely: Cloud, Big Data Analytics, API Microservices, Security and Managed Services. Throughout the years, MDI has been able to equip its clients with resilient and effective computing technology, tools, and services allowing their clients to maximize performance and improve efficiency to minimize disruption in business operations.

“At MDI, we ensure that we are able to recommend the most suitable solutions for our different partners so we may be able to enhance their operations, and most importantly, be able to elevate the user experience of their customers and employees,” says Dr. William Yu, Chief Technology Officer of MDI.

MDI has been successful in providing end-to-end solutions for its different partners with their network of IT solution providers. Under their wing, they have the likes of Google’s Apigee, Cloudera, Dell EMC, IBM, Juniper, Red Hat, and VMWare to assist them in introducing solutions and extending the right tools and resources for their partners.

At the same time, MDI takes pride in their team of technological experts who have the latest certification in the various solutions they recommend and implement.