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Mega Global leads 3rd Harvard OPM discussion, underscores family values in business success

Manila, PHILIPPINES — Committed to lead and drive innovation in the retail industry, Mega Global Corporation, the leading manufacturer and distributor of sardines and canned goods in the Philippines, recently hosted the prestigious Harvard Business School Owner/President Management (OPM) roundtable discussion.

Organized by top Filipino leaders who are Harvard alumni, the Harvard OPM roundtable is a series of discussions that aim to set standards in and empower Philippine businesses. The program is recognized for helping the world’s top leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs realize their true leadership potential in various ever-changing and competitive business spheres. 

Leading the discussion was Mega Global President and CEO Mr. William Tiu Lim, a seasoned businessman in the fishery industry, who developed the company to become one of the biggest and most advanced canning facilities in Asia. He stressed the importance of household values and strong professionalism in a business setting run by a family. He also shared strategies in transforming a business to achieve global standards, and the value of harnessing people’s strengths and talents.

Through hardwork, steadfast company values, and adaptability to ever-evolving industry and technology shifts, Lim was able to establish the world-class 12-hour catching-to-canning manufacturing process, pioneer the fish pump technology, expand Mega Global’s business scope to diversified industries, and build presence in 38 countries worldwide. 

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