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Communicating Damosa Land Inc.’s development plan to communities

Damosa Land

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Real estate is a continuously growing business, and a lot of giant competition arises, challenging the status of Damosa Land Incorporated (DLI), a homegrown company based in Mindanao, as one of the leaders in this industry. To maintain DLI’s character as the go-to property development company, they partnered with Greenbulb to bring their company back to the limelight. With Greenbulb’s four-point tactics, the team focused on what makes this company stand out among the rest – its unique agricultural properties and how its growth contributed to the region’s economy and the development of thriving communities.

The team made press releases, media familiarization tours, exclusive interviews, and consistent digital postings. As a result, 51 news stories were picked up by print, online, and TV outlets, generating P25.82 million in media values (as of July 2020), establishing DLI as a premier South property developer and elevating it to a higher level of relevance. The media has taken an interest in covering Damosa Land Inc. in recent years. This has helped the company establish itself as one of Mindanao’s major players in real estate and agriculture. This increase in coverage has contributed to an upswing in interest from people who want to move or expand their businesses to the South.

With a blend of organic and paid postings, Damosa Land’s corporate and community pages reached a wide range of audiences. The two pages gained many positive comments from followers interested in real-time industry updates, the company’s property features, CSR efforts, and developments in property lifestyle. The social media listening made by the Greenbulb for Damosa Land in 2020 garnered 117 posts for the social media result, with 9,743 social media engagements and more than 260,000 social media reach.

By developing innovative and focused real estate and agri-industrial developments through engagements and publicity, Damosa Land Inc. has played a significant role in shaping Davao’s economy and helping its communities thrive.


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