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Helping lifestyle brand Razer achieve media awareness

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The gaming lifestyle brand Razer collaborated with Greenbulb in 2018 to raise awareness and build interest in its brand as the official esports partner of the SEA Games 2019, the first esports-medaled international event.

The agency organized a media briefing that included 66 tech and sports journalists from 55 different media outfits as well as 7 influencers from six gaming communities.

This event’s estimated social media reach was 9.05 million, with 102,491 reactions, comments, and shares and 173 social media posts.

The Philippines was set to host the 30th edition of the SEA Games in December 2019. The Razer brand partnered again with Greenbulb to raise awareness about the debut of esports at the biennial regional multi-sport competition.

A press briefing and exclusive interviews were facilitated by the agency during the launch ceremony for the esports leg. The event was attended by 78 journalists from 35 local and regional media outlets. Greenbulb assisted Razer in enhancing its media relations with local and regional media through pre-event briefings and accreditations.

Furthermore, the agency provided media assistance to Razer, the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC), and the ASEAN esports federations throughout the event.

This event gathered 94 pickups from 35 different outfits. There were 134,100 social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with a 24.8 billion estimated social media reach and 214,300 reactions, comments, and shares.

As a result of the successful introduction of esports to the 30th SEA Games in 2019, Razer partnered with Green Bulb to announce the first SEA Invitational 2020 tournament in June 2020, which was aimed at preparing the region’s athletes and federations for esports inclusion at the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam.

Greenbulb aimed to secure exclusive interviews from top media outlets for David Tse and Joebert Yu as part of the strategy. The exclusives enabled the agency to ensure top-tier media coverage for the SEA Invitational.


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