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Rooted in Education: Touched by Fruitas scholars take a step closer towards achieving dreams


In photo: Fruitas Technical Services and Logistics Head, Mr. Marvin Yu, with the Fruitas Education Assistance Program scholars for school year 2017-2018

It has often been said that education is the great equalizer. With a diploma in one’s hands, one gains access to opportunities ranging from higher education, employment, and a shot at a better life, in general.

The Philippine Statistics Authority through its Annual Poverty Indicators Survey has noted that as of 2016, one in every 10 Filipinos aged 6 to 24 years old is an out of school child and youth[1]. This records at least 3.8 Million children not able to get access to education primarily because of problems encountered at home, and financial difficulties.

Recognizing the instrumental role that education plays, Fruitas Group of Companies, through its foundation, “Touched by Fruitas”, has been rolling out scholarship programs to students who have shown promise to excel academically, and give back to the country.

“Education is key in securing a bright future not only for the youth today, but for society as a whole. By providing opportunities to our different scholars, we are hopeful that they will grow to contribute back to the nation,” says Founder and CEO of Fruitas Group of Companies, Lester Yu.

The Seeds of Education

In 2015, Fruitas Group of Companies launched its “Fruitas Education Assistance Program” where employees of the company could avail financial assistance for their children in their school of choice. Apart from paying for tuition of the Touched by Fruitas scholars, the company also gives a monthly allowance to the students to cover meals, and expenses necessary for their participation in school activities.

“The Fruitas Education Assistance Program is a way for us to give recognition as well to our employees who have been instrumental in the success of the company.”

This year, 15 children of employees have benefitted from the program with students coming from different grade levels—one of which will be graduating by the end of the school year 2017-2018.
Hope in the Future

Seeing the continued success of its scholarship program, the company has also pledged P1,000,000.00 to Hope Christian High School–the alma mater of Yu.

With the grant, Fruitas Group of Companies will be able to waive tuition fees for 10 students of the school as they enter into Senior High School education for Academic Year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

The 10 Touched by Fruitas scholars from Hope Christian High School were selected given their excellent academic track record, conduct in school, and in their passion to serve the nation.
Asked how they would be of service, answers of students ranged from entering the health sector to improve lives, becoming a lawyer under the Public Attorney’s Office to be voice of the oppressed and become professionals able to empower and inspire others.

As Fruitas Group of Companies continues to expand; it also is rearing towards making more impact in the lives of Filipinos, especially the youth.
Fruitas - Hope Christian High School Scholars

In photo: Fruitas Franchise Department Head, Ms. Christine Gatacillo, with the Hope Christian High School scholars

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