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Royal Canin calls for responsible pet ownership through Bring My Dog to the Vet campaign

3 July 2019 – Strengthening its commitment to elevate the standards of pet healthcare in the Philippines, global leading actor in pet health and nutrition Royal Canin recently launched its Bring My Dog to the Vet (BMDV) campaign. The initiative aims to educate Filipino pet owners on the importance of preventive healthcare for their dogs through regular veterinarian visits.

Royal Canin unveiled the Bring My Dog to the Vet platform found within the company’s official website, which allows owners to register their dogs in the system and enable them to seamlessly schedule their visits to over 100 participating vet clinics nationwide. The website also provides monthly newsletters with information on pet healthcare, nutrition for dogs, the importance of vaccines, and tips for responsible pet ownership among others. By leveraging on today’s technology, Royal Canin hopes to provide an easy-to-use platform that will enable pet owners to schedule their regular vet visits with just a few clicks away.

Based on a recent survey conducted by Royal Canin on responsible pet ownership in the Philippines, pet medicalization remains relatively low with only 20% of local pet owners who bring their pets to veterinarians at least once a year. On the other hand, the remaining 80% would only bring their pets when they are already sick and or in need of an immediate cure.

Through these findings, Royal Canin saw an opportunity to emphasize the role of veterinarian expertise and regular preventive check-ups in ensuring pets’ general health. The company also cites the increase in pet-friendly establishments, concept stores, and events that have sprouted over the years as a positive indication that more pet owners are prioritizing the overall well-being of their pets. With these rising trends, Royal Canin believes that it is the best time to educate dog owners about preventive healthcare as an essential part of responsible pet ownership. 

“We, at Royal Canin, recognize the need to establish and pioneer an education campaign that would mobilize the pet lovers community in advocacy for the well-being of dogs, ” Royal Canin Vet Pillar Head for Sales and Marketing Ann Madelene Garcia said. “Through the BMDV campaign, we aim to encourage pet owners and vet practitioners to be our partners not just in pet nutrition but most importantly in responsible pet ownership across the country.”

Similar to humans, preventive measures are better than cure when it comes to animals. Experts say that common dog diseases are actually preventable especially if they are easily detected through regular visits with their respective veterinarians. The BMDV campaign hopes to help dog owners promote this responsible practice of bringing their dogs to the vet even after their dog’s first year.

“Royal Canin strongly believes that pets contribute positively to a person’s well-being, which is why we strive to make it a better world for them,” Garcia added. 

Royal Canin will provide free standard check-ups with partner veterinary clinics for the first 3,000 dogs registered in the Bring My Dog to the Vet website starting on July 3. To join the campaign, visit and look for the Bring My Dog to the Vet tab and register.




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