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Self-Care now made more convenient with My White Card Mobile App

“New year, new me!’ is the motto for 2019, or rather, for every single year that has passed. We make lists, we decide to be healthier, to take care of ourselves more, then a few days pass and we think, “I’ll start tomorrow” or, “This is too hard” or, “This is too expensive”. Luckily, there’s a convenient way to get started and more importantly, to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

“My White Card” mobile app makes self-care and preventive health care both affordable and convenient as well. You can finally put your health at the top of your to-do list with great services at a lower cost. Awesome deals are just one tap away with My White Card’s well-curated selection of beauty, health, and wellness services in Metro Manila.


We all have different health goals, and have different ways of achieving them. My White Card lets you groove to your own wellness beat with an assortment of health and wellness services that fit your needs! If you need regular treatments or more specialized procedures and interventions, the My White Card is a great way to reach self-care goals at great deals and prices.


“Wellness cannot be achieved in only a few, seldom visits. Maintenance and religious monitoring are essential for one to achieve health and wellness goals. We realize, however, that some people are put off by the cost and inconvenience of setting regular appointments and visiting health and wellness specialists. To bridge the gap between maintaining a lifestyle of self-care and staying within a budget, we launched My White Card which offers enormous savings for members at the convenience of their smartphones,” shares Anne Ricardo, CEO of My White Card.


Launched earlier this year, My White Card was conceptualized by Santé Primera Corporation to address the need of Filipinos to achieve and sustain holistic health within their lifestyle and means. Health-care has a reputation of being too expensive and time consuming, but through its partnership with top health and wellness centers, My White Card allows members to enjoy exclusive deals from clinics headed by highly recommended doctors and specialists.


My White Card has three membership tiers to suit the varying needs of health-conscious Filipinos.


For those who recognize the importance of maintenance and upkeep in matters pertaining to their health and wellness, the Elite membership (PHP 7,999/year) provides  access to discounts of as much as 10% on products and services from partner clinics.


For those who demand a wider array of services to sustain a holistic lifestyle, the Premium membership (PHP 11,899/year) is recommended, providing superior access to as much as 25% discount on products and services.


For those who value exclusivity and pampering as well as the highest level of discounts,  the Luxury tier membership (PHP 25,000/year) provides access to the highest value offers with up to as much as 50% discount on products and services, along with promos and discounts.

“We can’t stress enough the importance of maintenance in ensuring one’s wellness and health. With My White Card, we hope that more Filipinos will be on the road to better health and wellness,” Anne  Ricardo concluded.


My White Card’s partner clinics are located in Centuria Medical, Makati City. The list includes Asian Stem Cell Institute, White House, New Life Centuria, Asia Square Center, Skin Touch, Molecular Immunology, Alpha Chiropractics, Pinnacle Performance, Prive, Auris, Core, etc. More clinics across Metro Manila will soon be added to its network, with more valuable promos and discounts to be offered to members.


The My White Card mobile application will be available for download for iOs and the Google Play. Enjoy introductory prices 50% off when you sign up for a membership! Visit for more information and latest updates regarding your membership.