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The future of real estate: Living within an eco-friendly community

The future of real estate: Living within an eco-friendly community

Damosa Land brings its residents closer to nature through its premium residential development, Ameria


MANILA, Philippines, 18 August, 2022 – With over two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, where individuals were confined to the comforts of their own homes, the market’s perspective has shifted to an increasing demand for wide open spaces. Damosa Land, one of the leading property developers in Mindanao, stays on top of this renewed market interest through their eco-friendly developments anchored towards enriching the agriculture industry and economic development of the Davao region

Located in the agriculture-rich area of Panabo, Davao Del Norte is Damosa Land’s Ameria, a premier subdivision that offers its future residents a chance to live a contemporary, nature-filled lifestyle within Agriya – an agri-tourism site recognized by the Department of Tourism as among the country’s “future farms.” The property boasts of wide open spaces anchored in nature – a perfect example of what the future of real estate is bound to look like post-pandemic.

image.pngKids get to appreciate where their food came from before it gets to their tables through the interactive farming activities that are integrated in Ameria.

With this increasing demand for nature-filled communities, there has been a loud call for public and private sectors to adapt and redesign spaces. Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 (HPAAC) has called for urban planners and public health advocates to address the need for more green spaces in the country. In the same way, the World Health Organization (WHO), also encouraged that experiencing outdoor spaces and doing physical activities in natural environments are helpful remedies to one’s mental health. Supporting the call of HPAAC and WHO, Damosa Land allotted over 6,000 square meters of space for open parks, playgrounds, and community garden patches for the future residents of Ameria. This is as big as an average of 13 basketball courts combined – a strong testament to their perseverance to develop green communities in the South.

“We want our investors and residents to feel safe and free within our integrated communities, like Ameria. We strive to establish green and eco-friendly spaces, so that individuals and families alike can breathe clean and fresh air while engaging in fun community activities within the property,” shares Damosa Land President Cary Lagdameo. Further supporting communities engaged within the outdoors, the development will also feature amenities such as a village clubhouse, multipurpose hall, and a swimming pool.

A community anchored on agriculture and cultural heritage

Damosa Land stays true to their call for more sustainable and green communities in the Davao region. In 2020, Ameria was awarded by PropertyGuru as Winner of Best Housing Development in Metro Davao. This is in addition to Agriya’s award from the same body as Winner of Best Residential Green Development. Complementing this goal for curating nature-friendly neighborhoods, each available lot and model unit include urban garden spaces strategically designed to inspire individuals to curate their own local produce.

“Empowering our local agriculture has always been one of the core principles of Damosa Land. Anchoring on our background in the banana industry, we want our future residents to see the importance of agriculture by cultivating their own produce within the comforts of their own homes. Through this, we hope to encourage our investors to take part in promoting sustainable practices, while understanding the gravity of uplifting the local agri-sector of our country,” shares Lagdameo.

Earlier yesterday, Damosa Land held a blessing for Ameria’s biggest house model, Acacia – a 330 square-meter (sqm) property with an area curated specifically for gardening – championing the contemporary, agri-centered lifestyle that its future homeowners are bound to experience. The 9-hectare residential subdivision currently has 177 units of available lots, 75 units of open lots and 102 units of house and lot properties for families and individuals who are looking for a sanctuary that brings them closer to nature.

image.pngAcacia is the biggest house model in Ameria, which boasts of spacious floor and lot area that allows for more activities of bigger families.


The company will also be turning over the first batch of Magnolia houses this year to their future dwellers. These units boast of long-lasting and high-performance wall panels from Connovate – a producer of sustainable and recyclable high-performance concrete (HPC). With these features, the Magnolia houses are bound to achieve fast construction and insulation activities while significantly cutting down carbon emissions in the process.

As the pandemic continues to reshape the demands of people, spaces evolve to address the necessities that equip us to live a comfortable and meaningful life. The road to recovery is highly reliant on the nation’s capacity to adapt to the changing needs of the times. “Taking note of the shifting market landscape is a vital part of our job as a real estate developer. We make sure that we are ready to adapt and establish our ground in trailblazing developments that are resilient, sustainable, and are fit to address the evolving demands of our investors,” concludes Lagdameo.

image.pngDamosa Land is set to turn over the first batch of Magnolia houses this year.