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Too tired? Too dizzy? Too pale? It might be something else. Here’s what you can do to manage those symptoms


Feeling tired, dizzy, or looking pale are some of the most common signs of Iron Deficiency. Unfortunately, these symptoms often get overlooked especially when life has us pulled in different directions. From balancing the demands of one’s career or school to making time for your hobbies, friends, and taking care of the family, feeling low on energy can easily be shrugged off as something that just happens when you’re tired. 

Iron is very important to our overall wellness as it is a component of hemoglobin, the protein inside red blood cells, that helps deliver oxygen throughout your body. When there’s an inadequate level of Iron, this may result in poor blood health and anemia. This can result in low performance and that is why it is beneficial to recognize some symptoms related to Iron Deficiency.

While Iron is one of the most important nutrients in one’s diet, the truth is a lot of people don’t get enough of this essential mineraland too little Iron could be the culprit why you feel so tired, dizzy, and pale all the time. 

Start by taking an Anemia Meter quiz to help you recognize symptoms associated with lack of iron which can lead to Anemia. From different signs you can see (paleness, hair loss, etc.) to symptoms you can feel (extreme tiredness, weakness, dizziness, and more), you’ll be asked a series of questions to check some lifestyle habits and signs to know if you’re at risk. There is also a quick visual inspection which makes the result even more accurate. 

Aside from eating a balanced, healthy diet that includes good sources of iron, you can start taking control of your blood health and restore your iron levels with the help of an Iron supplement like Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+)

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Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) with proper diet and exercise, helps in treating a wide range of anemias including iron deficiency anemia; anemia during pregnancy, growth, convalescence and senility; megaloblastic and macrocytic, hyperchromic anemias; alimentary anemia; and prophylaxis against anemia in blood donors.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC Reference No.: P143P120321SS

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