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Unisys digitally transforms payment process for PH shipping industry

MANILA, Philippines—In an effort to improve visibility and streamline its customers operations in the shipping industry, Unisys Corporation’s innovative digital logistics solutions Digistics, partners with PayCargo to revolutionize shipment delivery and cash flow of the local shipping industry. From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Unisys and PayCargo make international and domestic trade cheaper, and more convenient.

With the Philippines’ archipelagic composition, reliable shipping services largely contribute to the country’s economic growth. With the growing trend for local exportation, the integration of Unisys’ solutions with PayCargo prove as the ideal solution for both freight carriers and businesses alike.

This partnership will help Filipino carriers get further ahead in the international supply chain by eliminating the hassle of costly, unsecured checks and clearing of wire transfers–significantly increasing cash flow, and improving overall liquidity. Local businesses will thrive due to increased product mobility, whether it is from another island or another country.

“We believe that the collaboration with PayCargo will better meet the needs of the cargo market,” said Niranjan Navaratnarajah, Asia Pacific Cargo Industry Director, Unisys. “PayCargo is the only payment processor and provider of funding options that has partnered with a solution like ours. By allowing clients to integrate their capabilities into our software, they are able to reduce their administrative costs and better manage electronic payments for their business.”

The integration of PayCargo into the Unisys operating modules of Digistics will ensure that cargos, including beloved Balikbayan boxes are moved quicker while reducing payment costs more than any other platform available.

Local freight forwarding customers can also utilize PayCargo for real-time payment processing capabilities, such as automated payment creation and scheduling, tracking for the freight forwarder and importer, and remittance validation for the airline.

With its partnership with PayCargo, Unisys provides a great, secure opportunity for modern technology to play a role in the local and international logistics market. This also enables the nation to keep up with import and export demands, such as in the outports located in Manila, Clark, Subic, Cebu, Davao, and more.

Digistics is a holistic and integrated modular air cargo software logistics solution that allows carriers to streamline freight management and improve their operational efficiency.