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Whip up extraordinary Christmas treats with Mega Prime’s newest Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Are you thinking how to delight your loved ones this Christmas with your very own cooking? With the holidays upon us, so are the many parties, reunions, and get-togethers where everyone bonds over well-loved holiday dishes, posing a challenge to moms who want to prepare a memorable Christmas spread.

To help moms whip up something truly festive this Christmas, Mega Prime has launched its Tropical Fruit Cocktail, an indispensable addition to every holiday spread.

Launched with no less than Mega Prime Mom Marian Rivera, Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail is a delicious blend of the freshest, juiciest tropical fruits in extra light syrup. It makes for the perfect dessert when eaten alone, but also brings wonders to the taste of ordinary dishes when added as an ingredient.

To add to the excitement, the newest TV commercial and billboard for Tropical Fruit Cocktail, which have yet to be rolled out, were shown exclusively to the audience. It was made to let ordinary homemakers know that they can come up with an extraordinary Christmas feast using Mega Prime’s high-quality products.  

To demonstrate how moms can come up with eye-catching, mouthwatering treats, Marian shared her recipe for the Prime Layered Fruit Cake, a moist and Christmassy dessert made by combining tasty morsels of pound cake with cream, condensed milk, and the Mega Prime Tropical Fruit Cocktail. This sweet and rich treat promises not only to delight holiday revelers, but also makes for an Instagrammable Christmas offering.

Marian also demonstrated how to cook Prime Beef Steak Salpicao using Mega Prime Whole Mushrooms, a levelled-up dish from a typical pinoy favourite “Bistek” which will definitely satisfy everyone in the family.

“Mega Prime has always been committed to turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary meals enjoyed by the whole family. With the launch of our Tropical Fruit Cocktail, we want to continue bringing families together through meal time celebrations this holiday season,” says Marvin Tiu Lim, VP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global Corporation.

The Prime Mom Club event demonstrates Mega Prime’s commitment to help members become even better moms. Prime Moms are treated to a wide range of privileges, including entrance to Mega Prime Exclusive events featuring experts, a Special Prime Mom Club ID, a monthly newsletter compiling exciting recipes and many chances to receive special gift items and products from Mega Prime. The second and latest workshop, held on the same day, was designed to help moms ignite their interest in starting a business by having guest mompreneurs share their own experiences and share some Prime Mom wisdom.

Indeed, Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, thanks to Mega Prime.